Masjid Sabireen was established in 1998 by the Cham American Muslim Community. Cham people are an ethnic minority from Vietnam and Cambodia.  Masjid Sabireen originally started with only a handful of Cham families that moved from Orange County to Pomona to be near the newly acquired Masjid.  Alhumdulillah,  the masjid has been blessed with new members and a growing community from various backgrounds each year. Today, it is a 501c3 Non Profit serving the local muslim community in the Pomona Valley. The masjid is pleased to offer the following services:

- Five Daily Prayers

- Jummah Friday prayer services

- Women Group Monthly dialogue

- Weekly reminders after Isha

- Funeral arrangements

- Muslim Youth Activities

- Monthly lectures from guest speakers

- Quran and Islamic Classes 

- Eid Festivities

- Community Picnics


The Cham American Muslim Community was established in the 1980’s from a small community of Cham refugees from Vietnam and Cambodia.  There are about 12 Cham families that moved to Pomona to establish Masjid Sabireen and be close to the masjid.  Other small Cham Muslim communities are located in Fullerton, Santa Ana, Washington, and Pennsylvania.  The Cham American Muslim Community was established to provide religious services such as congressional prayer, lectures, counseling services, and support for the small cham community who at the time did not speak or understand much English.  Today, the Cham American Muslim Community manages and maintains the house of Allah with the help and support of all the local muslim brothers and sisters in the Pomona valley community. 

 Masjid Board 

 President: Salayman Sales

 Board Member: Hamzah J.

 Board Member: Phisal L.

 Board Member: Abdulhadi M.

 Board Member: Safee M.

 Imam: Zulkifli Adam

Advisor:       Amach C.

Advisor: Mustafa D.

Advisor: Amine S.

Advisor: Ghazali M.