Serving the Pomona Valley Muslim community

WELCOME  (أَهْلًا وَسَهْلًا)  

Prayer times at Masjid Sabireen

Masjid open daily 

5 Times daily prayers

Friday Khatibs 


Date and Khatib

01Br. Jamal Alzughbi

08 - Sh. Abdul-Wahab Khan

15 Br. Hayssam Alayleh

22Br. Reza Shahnewaz

29 -  Br. Ali Orhan


Continuing Fiqh of Salat Series

every 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month

The class will go into detail important aspects of prayer and the hadith behind it. This course is geared more towards teens and adults, but all are welcome who would like to learn.

This website was created for the community in an effort to make staying in touch with the masjid easier no matter where you are.

Use this Website to:

 Constantly have updated Iqama times and Friday Khatibs list

 Search our video media

We are also proud to offer the following Services for our Community:

 -  Five Daily Prayers

 -  Jumu 'ah Friday prayer services